At Hairy Monster, our performers are carefully handpicked to ensure amazing results.

Here are a few examples of the artists who we work with. All can work solely or in conjunction with others to create unique performances depending on your event requirements.


This original quartet takes pop and well-known songs and transform them into flamenco/rumba/Latin inspired tracks.

The elegant singing and the amazing performance of the string musicians create a truly unique style.

The band brings local sounds and familiar tunes together for any event.

Dwende can play chilled background music or can really get the party going with a more up-tempo set.

*more musicians can be added depending on the event requirements.


The best of Brazilian jazz and bossa nova.

With their warm and elegant sound, this band will create a lovely vibe at any event.

They can play soft background music or a more upbeat style if the event requires it. Also available as a duet (voice + guitar).

*more musicians can be added depending on the event requirements.


This quartet has played live with great artists including Gregory Porter and Antony and the Johnsons.

With a very versatile set list, they mix Jazz, funk, flamenco and much more.

From a livelier style to something soft and chilled, Crazy Strings can adapt to any kind of event with either acoustic or electric instruments, for a more contemporary approach.


With extensive experience performing around the world, this Barcelona-based dance group mesmerise any audience with their fantastic choreographies and a great connection with the public.

Creativity and precision are at the heart of their performances. BB Dance can perform either on their own or accompanying other acts.

They certainly give performances to be remembered.


This is an explosive and impactful performance combining different elements, which will captures everyone’s attention.

From the beat of the drums and the illuminated splashing water to the fluorescent body paint and of course the finely synchronized projections.

This is a fast and furious act that people will not forget in a hurry.


Four voices and a guitar… With some incredible vocals and beautiful harmonies, these singers will captivate everybody around them.

Boasting a very eclectic repertoire, V-Four navigates between pop, funk, rock, R&B, soul and more.

The Singing Waiters: this adds the element of surprise to the performance. Dressed as waiters, they mingle for a while and after faking a small mishap to get everybody’s attention, they will break into song. Watch video.

Also available as a full band*


This elegant piano and voice duo adds a touch of class to any event creating a warm and intimate atmosphere.

With a varied repertoire and a beautiful sound ranging from old classics to more contemporary pieces, they will seduce any audience.

Perfect for a welcome cocktail or over dinner.


This flamboyant form of Catalan music and dance is an “upbeat style of flamenco” that can either be performed on stage or in a roaming format, among the crowd.

The Gypsy Kings are the most well-known performers of this genre of music. In this uplifting spectacle, the musicians perform lively rhythms and sing as the dancers clap, twirl and perform the rumba dance.

Our artists have a wide variety of wardrobe options to suit all tastes and environments; from folkloric dresses to more elegant outfits for the more contemporary approach.

*Different formations available.


This formation performs well-known opera and pop numbers.

Their spine-tingling rendition of the iconic Barcelona song originally performed by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé is a particular hit!

Our formation usually features two lead singers, twelve choir members, a pianist and a conductor. However, this can be adjusted accordingly depending on the needs of the event. For even greater impact, we can add a baby grand piano, to replace the standard keyboard.


Percussion power! This is what these artists are all about.

From on-stage numbers to roaming performances encouraging the public to tag along, this group is very adaptable and charismatic.

As well as playing on their own, these performers are also able to join forces with other artists for an even more impactful show that grabs everyone’s attention and marks any occasion with a bang!

*Different formations available.