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    We are based in Barcelona and Málaga but we work all around the country.

    Whenever we can we always prefer to work with local artists as part of our sustainability approach.

    Sometimes and depending on the requirements we will need to bring collaborators from other parts of Spain or even abroad.

    Definitely! If the client gives us the opportunity to get involved on the decision making process on the entertainment part of the event, we always advise on what’s locally available, interesting artists that would fit in with the theme or even design and produce a whole number or show just for a specific event.

    Yes, we have great partners who work with AV, sound, lighting, set design and production, decoration, props, etc.

    Absolutely! Depending on the size of the event and the client’s requirements, we can be there from the beginning of the set up until the end of the event. We can be as involved as the clients wants us to be.

    Typically, our coordinator will get to the event an hour before the artists arrival to go through the setup and dressing rooms and then coordinate rehearsals, sound checks, the actual performances, etc.

    Once we receive you brief and have a chat over the phone, we will prepare a proposal with photos and videos with different choices for each element required.

    Normally we the options that we send you will have enough to choose from but we can always send more suggestions if necessary.  

    Please send us an email to for our full Terms & Conditions.